Transition Planning for Military Families:

Here at Cedar Grove, we understand that military families often have many transitions, which can pose unique challenges for their children. We work closely with our Military and Family Life Counselor (MFLAC) to support those families. Our school counselors and TRIAD are also available for additional support and resources for military families.

Academic Planning for Military Families:

Our school is dedicated to supporting military families in their academic journey. Through our vision and mission, we strive to instill a passion for learning in every student, ensuring that they all make significant progress each year while addressing any learning gaps they may have. Our commitment to teaching children to believe in themselves and fostering a sense of belonging extends to our military-connected students. We provide various resources to support academic planning, including access to the Cedar Grove Student and Parent Handbooks, enrollment assistance for the Parent Portal, and information on important Title I and SAC meetings. Additionally, our campus tours, led by our administrative and Student-led Transition teams, offer military families the opportunity to familiarize themselves with our school environment. We also provide access to ClassDojo for communication and updates based on each child's class assignment, ensuring seamless interaction between parents, teachers, and students.

Furthermore, we ensure that military families are well-informed about grading policies and encourage their involvement in our Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO), known as TFIT. Through these comprehensive resources and support systems, we aim to empower military-connected students to excel academically and embrace the myriad opportunities that await them in the world. For further assistance or inquiries, our Instructional Specialists Tiffani Wolfe and Mecca Emery are available to guide and support military families within the Bay District Schools community.

Resources for Military Families:

We at CGE believe in providing a wide range of activities for all our students, including military children. All students have the opportunity to participate in music, PE, and technology. We also have an after-school leadership club for girls (Yes! Club) and boys (Lads to Leaders). We have a Lego club that enters robotics competitions and a choir that meets after school.

Student-Led Transition Team (S2S Club):

The Student Leadership Team takes charge of welcoming new military students to our campus, offering tours of essential areas like the Media Center, Cafeteria, Special Area locations, Restrooms, and the Triad Room. They also serve as mentors, ensuring regular check-ins with these students. Meanwhile, the Lads to Leaders Club engages in community service projects such as flower bed clean-ups, demonstrating our commitment to giving back to the community. This club also plays a pivotal role in familiarizing new students and parents with campus expectations, consistently exemplifying these standards. Leaders within the club inform new students on how to join, fostering a welcoming and supportive environment for all.

Support for Military ESE Children:

At CGE, we understand that military transitions can be even more difficult for students with disabilities. In addition to the district's ESE department, CGE offers three ESE push-in support teachers, ASD classrooms, and classrooms with smaller settings should an IEP require those. Two professional school counselors are ready to assist students and parents with IEP or Section 504 questions.


Military Recognition Events:

We are committed to recognizing and honoring our military and military families. We have planned events, including "Purple Up Day" and inviting the Tyndall Honor Guard to visit to honor our active and retired military parents. For Purple Up Day, we celebrate the faculty & staff by recognizing them for serving in the military or a spouse of the military with a purple star on their classroom doors with their name and titles/rank. Our school also participates in the Pledge of Allegiance daily on the morning announcements, followed by the National Anthem. Students can submit their names to lead the pledge daily, and classrooms participate in being showcased on the media leading the Pledge of Allegiance for the local community. During the month of the military child, all military students and families have a special lunch with administrators thanking them for their service and for letting us be a special part of their journey.

Mental Health Resources For Military Families:

We aim to ensure that all military children on our campus have the support and resources they need for their mental and emotional well-being. In addition to our two professional school counselors, Cedar Grove has four TRIAD members available to provide counseling and emotional support to military students. We also have several after school clubs, which are great avenues to meet new friends.

Any Other Military/Related Details/Programs:

Our school works closely with Tyndall AFB by including them as mentors for our students and volunteer opportunities. Tyndall Airmen are currently assisting with moving all teachers to new classrooms. The engineers at the Naval Support Activity Center engineers also work with our students along with our instructor for technology special area classes, including the robotics club and newly formed Lego League. During the 2024-2045 school year, the students at Cedar Grove will be spending time with the JROTC students from local high schools to encourage positive learning habits in school and introduce them to military options within our school district.

OCSD Resources

BDS Resources for Military Families

The Bay District Schools website has a detailed list of Military Family Resources and Educational Opportunities to best assist your family. It contains a PCS document, services, programs, educational resources, and so much more to aid in the success of your educational goals.

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